How many styles of beer are brewed in the Castle Brewery?
We brew a total of eight styles of beer – IPA, Nordisk, Kloster, Pale Ale, Stout and Weiss, as well as Easter and Christmas beer.

Is the bar in the Castle Brewery always open?
The bar is open daily in our peak season and on specific dates. See Opening Hours here

Can I buy food in ih Castle Brewery?
We do not sell food in the Castle Brewery, however, we do offer a selection of snacks to be enjoyed with a glass of cold draft beer.

Do you offer beer tastings?
It is possible to book a beer tasting before your visit to Gavnø. Learn more here.

Is it possible renting the Castle Brewery for an event?
Please find information on rental here.



Our beer is brewed according to our own recipes with exquisite and preferably raw ingredients from Gavnø’s grounds. Just as it was done during Queen Margrete the 1st.