Focus on climate-friendly operation

At Gavnø, we consider it an important part of our work to conduct business in a socially responsible manner. Both agriculture and forestry are run with a focus on sustainable and climate-friendly production of food and energy.


Gavnø has for years used energy-friendly and resource-saving cultivation methods.

We recycle our resources within forest and agriculture, which do not burden the climate, and we take advantage of the fact that our raw materials and energy are locally produced with a minimum of transport. Gavnø has wind turbines that produce CO2-neutral electricity and contribute to our sustainable and renewable energy.

Gavnø has a craft team that restores the estate’s listed buildings and the castle, thus ensuring that the cultural heritage is preserved.

Lejeboliger ved Gavnø Slot

Rented Housing

Gavnø Estate has 130 leases, including both residential and commercial leases. Find vacancies here.

Landbruget på Gavnø

Agriculture and Forestry

Gavnø agriculture comprises 1,200 hectares. The site quality vary greatly on the property and almost all types of soil are represented.

Jagt på Gavnø


Gavnø Castle welcomes you with a breathtaking view of Karrebæk Fjord. South Zealand is known for its many migratory birds.

Ridekort til Gavnøs skove

Horse Riding Permission

We offer riding in the beautiful forest surroundings of Gavnø Estate, including Toftekær, Rettestrup Plantation and Gavevænge.