Hunting at Gavnø

Jagt på Gavnø


Hunting and game keeping is an important part of the cultural heritage at Gavnø.

Gavnø Castle receives one with its beautiful view over Karrebæk Fjord. South Zealand is known for its many migratory birds, where Gavnø forms the heart of the resting place, so guns who visit Gavnø not only have a good hunting day, but also a fantastic nature experience.

Gavnø has long been held in high regard and offers guns the chance to enjoy some tough but rewarding shooting days. With high winds, we deliver hard-flying birds and try to challenge our guests to such an extent. We are very quality conscious, however, we do aim to meet our guests’ level.

In Gavnø Forest Districts, there are Sikavildt, red deer, fallow deer, deer and muflon.


Frederik Brahe

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