African Mountain Goats

Let the children get up close to the adorable African mountain goats and their kids.

Klap de Afrikanske Bjerggeder på Gavnø

Fun for kids

There is the opportunity to visit and pat the African mountain goats inside their gate, and there is the opportunity to wash hands after the visit. They are easy to get to and have many color combinations.

Both male and female mountain goats have beards, short tails, and long black horns, 15–28 cm (5.9–11.0 in) in length, which contain yearly growth rings. The male is often larger than the female and has a much more pronounced smell. When the goats have to communicate with each other, they use body language, sounds and smells.


Mountain goats are herbivores and spend most of their time grazing. Their diets include grasses, ferns, mosses, lichens, and twigs and leaves from the low-growing shrubs and conifers of their high-altitude habitat.

In captivity, the mountain goat’s diet can also include grain, alfalfa, fruits, vegetables and grass.