The house of Butterflies

The House of Butterflues is unfortunately closed in 2023. A new exciting project “The Historic Greenhouse” is being planned and is expected to open in 2024.

Every two weeks during the period from early May to ultimo September, 200 new butterflies will arrive, as their lifetime is only approx. fourteen days. There are many different exotic butterfly species in the House of Butterflies. Each week approx. 50 butterflies die, due to their short lifetime, which is the reason why, it may happen that one finds a dead butterfly in the house. It cannot be avoided.

The butterflies come from the Philippines and Thailand as well as Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, Indonesia, China, North America and Coste Rica. The pupaes hatch after 2 – 6 weeks. The butterflies are all “produced” in captivity.

Smukke sommerfugle i Sommerfugleland på Gavnø

The hatched butterflies eat the nectar from the flowers in the greenhouse, and in some places there are feeding places with extra nectar. In addition, butterflies prefer particularly ripe fruit, which means that in the house there will be fruit at a stage that we humans would not normally consume. The larvae, which are kept in closed cages until they hatch, eat leaves.


Did you know that butterflies are warm-blooded?

The butterflies cannot fly when their body temperature is below 30 degrees.

There are about 24,000 butterfly species in the world.

Butterflies live exclusively on liquids. Their mouthpieces are made to drink and not to chew.