Lily Festival

The beautiful, scented lilies belong to the world’s oldest garden plants. Already the ancient Greeks had an eye for the lilies and depicted them diligently on vases and the like, and in the Middle Ages it was a cherished flower that was given great symbolism.

In the Castle Park at Gavnø you can experience hundreds of colorful and diverse lilies when welcomened to the Lily Festival at the end of July, August and – depending on the Danish summer.

Imagine strolling through the historic Castle Park surrounded by beautiful color and the well-known fragrance of the lilies.

liljer liljefestival gavnø

Lilies are grown as perennials

Lilies are bulb plants grown as perennials in the garden. When the bulb is in place, it sprouts faithfully every spring to bloom in the middle of summer. After flowering the plant withers down and collects new forces in the bulb until next spring. The lily family is extensive with almost 100 species distributed in the northern hemisphere. In addition, there are thousands of hybrids.


Some lilies thrive in the sun, others in half shade. Others prefer calcareous soils, while others have to stand in the ericaceous bed.

It is important that you let the lilies fade by themselves after flowering. Cut off the withered flowers so that the plant does not use energy to seed.