The Sensory Garden

Explore Gavnø’s exciting sensory garden. Smell, feel, listen, see, taste and challenge your imagination. Can you find the 6th sense?

Oplevelser for hele familien i slotsparken på Gavnø


The garden is divided into 6 larger gardens, each of which represents one of our senses. In addition to each garden space, there is information describing the garden space and posing fun questions for children and young people.

Children and people with walking difficulties have the opportunity to get close to the many different and exciting plants, flowers and bushes.


Did you know that there is sound in many plants?

Of one has a larger bamboo, one can often put ones ear to a rippling sound on the outside of the tall, tree-like grass bush. Even on a windless day, the foliage can be washed up with a rattling sound that originates from the shape of the leaves and stems.