Gavnø Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1961.

The objective of the Foundation is primarily to own and preserve Gavnø Castle and Gavnø Castle Park along with the historic collections, contents and paintings that were donated to the Foundation or that the Foundation may later acquire, so that Gavnø Castle and collections are preserved as long as a cultural-historical testimony of the period from the monastic period to the replacement of the county, in which Gavnø’s holders – the families Lindenov, Trolle, Thott and Reedtz-Thott – played a significant role as collectors and preservers of cultural-historical and national values. Of the Foundation’s income, therefore, the necessary funds must be used in advance for the maintenance of Gavnø Castle, Gavnø Castle Park and the historic collections.

The objective of the Foundation will then be to seek to expand the historic collections by purchasing paintings and book entries related to Gavnø or Gavnø’s holders or by purchasing such paintings and book items that naturally complement the collections.

Finally, the objective of the Foundation is, depending on the Board of the Foundation deems it financially sound, taking into account the above purposes, to provide support for the promotion of social, cultural and national, scientific, social or artistic purposes, including in particular those that can contribute to youth education and empowerment. However, at least half of the funds that will thus be distributed must be given to Herlufsholm School as free funds for use at the Foundation’s principal’s discretion.

Gavnø Fonden

The Board

Attorney-at-Law, Michael Rasmussen, Member of the Board (m)
Attorney-at-Law, Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott (Managing director), Member of the Board (f)
Estate Owner, Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott, Chairman (m)


Secretariat of  the Gavnø Foundation

T: +45 55 700 200