The noble family Reedtz-Thott

Current owner Chamberlain, Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott is a student from Herlufsholm School and holds a master’s degree in economics, MSc, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Otto Reedtz-Thott owns several companies and holds several board positions. Otto Reedtz-Thott married Helle Reedtz-Thott in 2002.

Chamberlaine, Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott has studied Criminology, Criminal Law and Civil Law in the United States and holds a master’s degree in law, LL.M, from the University of Copenhagen. She is a trained lawyer specializing in Corporate Finance. Helle Reedtz-Thott also works as director of the Gavnø Foundation and holds several board positions.

The noble family Reedtz came to Denmark with Queen Sophia and Peder Reedtz (1531-1607). Reedtz-Thott is the aristocratic lineage that is associated with the Barony of Gavnø. The older son, Otto Reedtz-Thott (1785-1862), later awarded Chamberlain and Hofjægermester (an honorary court title), was admitted to baronial rank, while Gavnø was ordained a feudal barony by patent of 25 October 1805. His eldest son, Privy Councillor, Feudal Baron and Prime Minister Kjeld Thor Tage Reedtz-Thott, second and last possessor of the replaced barony in 1921, was the father of Chamberlain, Hofjægermester, Master of Arts, Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott (1872-1927), who in 1920 got a seat in the Folketing for the Conservative Party, elected by Copenhagen County. He was the father of Feudal Baron Holger Gustav Tage Reedtz-Thott (1881-1941), who in his marriage had only daughters.

Gavnø Fonden

Feudal Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott (1785-1862) was also the father of the officer and landowner, Baron Frederik Axel Ludvig August Reedtz-Thott (1824-1916), who was the father of the officer, Baron Tage Rudolph Reedtz-Thott (1886-1971), who was the father of the politician, baron (taking over Gavnø) Axel Gustav Tage Reedtz-Thott (1920-1973). He was the father of the current owner of Gavnø Chamberlain, Hofjægermester, Baron Otto Tage Henrik Axel Reedtz-Thott (born 1954).

The Reedtz-Thott family is responsible for the challenging purpose of preserving Gavnø as a testimony to Danish cultural heritage. All the while, the next generation is waiting to take on the challenge of making the 18th century dream a reality in the 21st century.


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Gavnø Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is primarily to own and preserve Gavnø Castle and Gavnø Castle Park along with the historic collections.

The noble family Reedtz-Thott

The noble family Reedtz came to Denmark with Queen Sophia and Peder Reedtz (1531-1607).
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At Gavnø, we consider it an important part of our work to conduct business in a socially responsible manner.
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Gavnø is situated only approx. 1 hour drive from Copenhagen, 1.25 hours from Odense, 2.25 hours from Vejle and 3 hours from Aarhus.
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