Horse Riding Permission

Ridekort til Gavnøs skove

Horse Riding Permission Slip

We offer horseback riding in the beautiful forest surroundings of Gavnø Estate, including Toftekær, Rådet, Rettestrup Plantage, Gavevænge * and Marbjerg Plantage.

The riding permission is valid from 7 am – 7 pm, and in the winter months from sunrise to sunset.

Riding Permission to Gavnø Forest District

Annual Pass Prices
From 15 year DKK 1.395
Under 15 years DKK 890
Half Year Pass Price
All DKK 890
Day Pass Price
All DKK 90

Riding Pass to Gavevænge

Annual Pass Prices
From 15 years DKK 890
Under 15 years DKK 445
Half Year Pass Price
All DKK 445
Day Pass Price
All DKK 90

Applicable Regulations for Gavnø Forest District

Horseback riding is at your own risk and only with a valid riding permission.

The rules in the “Nature Protection Act in Denmark” and the Ministry of the Environment’s Order on public access to private forests must be complied with, since the riding permission is an extension of the ordinary access right in respect of permission for riding on the following conditions:

Riding is permitted
A: on stone / gravel covered forest roads. B: along roads and paths where along the riding path yellow horse shoes have been painted on the trees – see map.

Riding is permitted from 7 am to sunset in Gavevænge, ​​Toftekjær, Rådet, Rettestrup Plantage and Marbjerg Plantage – see map. In the period 15/5 to 15/7 riding must only take place between 10 am to 6 pm.

Riding must only take place in side of the road or the center of the road. Horseback riding must take place in steps or trot. Only on actual riding trails (marked) must be galloped. Max. 4 horses must ride together. Driving by car may only take place with one horse and only in steps. Trot training is not considered driving pleasure, ie. no trotting training.

The forest district reserves the right to change or limit the traffic rights by changing fences, logging work, newly constructed roads, breakages, hunting or the like. The forest district reserves the right to limit the number of riding permission slips issued and to lay down additional rules for the exercise of riding and pleasure driving in the forests.

Consideration must be given to the rest of the visitors, especially hunters. When meeting with cars and cycling and walking audiences, riders must give way to passage. This must be done in steps. It is prohibited to ride near buildings, at the game’s feeding and launching sites, in fenced cultures and on the broad road in the now re-established gravel pit in Rettestrup Plantage (signposted Riding).

Violation of the regulations will entail the inclusion of a riding permission without repayment, expulsion and possibly fines. In addition, the forest district reserves the right to compensation for damages arising from traffic in contravention of the above rules. Riding without a riding permission can result in a police report.

Buy Riding Permission

Choose between an annual-, half year- or day riding permission to Gavnø Forest District and Gavevænge.

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Gavnø agriculture comprises 1,200 hectares. The site quality vary greatly on the property and almost all types of soil are represented.
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