If you’re planning a birthday celebration for a group of young explorers, a school excursion, a family trip or a business event then Gavnø Go Fly is the answer. Trips to Gavnø Go Fly are a great opportunity to develop essential life skills by overcoming obstacles in a positive way.

Gavnø Go Fly for any occasion

Experiences in unique surroundings. Challenges for all age groups.

Schools and associations

With safety in mind, Gavnø Go Fly is the perfect alternative to any excursion and exercise day. There is ample opportunity for children of all ages to take on the seven courses of varying heights and difficlty.

Collaboration, exercise and motor skills come into focus when a fun and challenging day starts.

Prices from DKK 150, – per person.

Contact us on tel .: +45 55 700 200 or via

Blue Monday

Mark a big event with a fun and exciting day in the tree tops on Gavnø Go Fly. Safety is paramount, and there are challenges for both beginners and practitioners.

Our Blue Monday offer includes entrance to Gavnø Go Fly and Gavnø Castle Park as well as a To-Go package of sandwiches, fruit and water.

DKK 240, – per person.

Contact us on tel .: +45 55 700 200 or via

Birthday Party

Throw a memorable children’s birthday party in the tree top adventure course at Gavnø Go Fly. Our adventure course are equipped with the world’s safest security system, which is easy for even the youngest to use.

The ticket also gives access to Gavnø Castle and Castle Park, in which the Land of Pirates and the House of Butterflies are a safe hit.

Prices from DKK 150 per person.

Contact us on tel .: +45 55 700 200 or via


More about Gavnø Go Fly

Trætopbanen Gavnø Go Fly er en sjov klatrebane for hele familien

For the family

We have challenges for the whole family. Children from the age of three can join the fun!
Sjove svævebaner og aktiviteter

Our High Ropes Courses

Try forces with seven different levels in varying difficulty.
Trætopbane for børn og voksne


With the "Continuous Belay" safety system you are securely attached to the track from start to finish.