The worlds safest security system

Gavnø Go Fly is equipped with the world’s most user-friendly and safe climbing system, called ‘continuous belay’.

Safety first
The continuous belay security system allows the user to complete the entire path without having to manipulate the equipment and without having to disconnect the equipment from the system at any time.

See the safety equipment ‘continuous belay’ in use below.


More about Gavnø Go Fly

Trætopbanen Gavnø Go Fly er en sjov klatrebane for hele familien

For the family

We have challenges for the whole family. Children from the age of three can join the fun!
Sjove svævebaner og aktiviteter

Our High Ropes Courses

Try forces with seven different levels in varying difficulty.


If you’re planning a birthday celebration for a group of young explorers or a school excursion, Gavnø Go Fly is the answer.