Paintings Collection

The collection was founded by Count Otto Thott, who took over Gavnø in 1737. Portraits of the founder can be found amongst the collection as number 675, 676, 677 and 678.

The impressive collection of more than 1,000 paintings represents a wide selection of European art from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, here among the oldest kept portraits of the North, painted approx. 1460.

Nordeuropas største malerisamling på Gavnø Slot

Northern Europe’s largest private painting collection

The collection of paintings may be divided as follows:

  • Older foreign art, among here
  • Netherlands art, copies of Ruben or the school of Ruben, copies of Poussin along with Venetians art
  • Family portraits
  • Portraits of famous
  • Danish adelsmen and -women
  • Portraits of foreign personalities
  • Portraits of the Danish royal house
  • Portraits of the Swedish royal house
  • Historic paintings

Conducted tours are available. A guide with historic descriptions may be purchased at the ticket sale.

Paintings Collection


Whether you are a researcher looking for a special painting, writer, production company or a publisher who desires a digital photo of a painting by a historical person, you will find inspiration in the Gavnø Foundation’s painting collection.

Experience the castle

Historiske stuer på Gavnø Slot

The exhibition

Explore the fairytale Rococo Castle and discover the eight newly restored rooms designed by the Baroness.
Slotskapellet i klosterkirken på Gavnø

The chapel

Visit Gavnø Castle Chapel, which offers beautiful and unique craftsmanship. The chapel is the most colorful church room in the Nordic countries.
Rundvisning og havevandring på Gavnø

Guided Tours

A guided tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the noble characters and the interesting stories behind.


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