The exhibition

Gavnø Castle is a cast solid rococo castle and is one of Denmark’s finest castles, where the visitor will find a great many things of interest.

The castle contains many fine examples of antiquities, art and furniture from the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, amoThe large collection of antiquities is on display in the beautiful furnished rooms and halls. Please notice The Big Dining room with the Italian stuk ceiling, the great French Bacchara chandelier and the floor made of pommersk fyr and the beautiful furnished guest rooms from the 1750’erne.

A writer, who visited Gavnø Castle in 1845, wrote: “In the entire main building almost all the walls and rooms, yes, even the staircases, are decorated with paintings”. This fantastic sight is still true them, gothic, renascence, baroque and rococo.

Historiske stuer på Gavnø Slot

Newly restored rooms

Explore eight newly restored living rooms; Big Billiard, Architect, Bielke, Grey Damask, Countess Thott, King Frederik V, Lens Baroness Elisabeth Thott and the Queen. The beautiful stucco ceilings, walls, floors and windows have been carefully restored. All furniture is post-treated by specialists and upholstered with upholstery fabrics from eg. Houlés and Rubelli. The four-poster beds are brought back to how they originally looked. The glass sections of the windows are covered with UV filters to spare the paintings and furniture for the damagins rays of the sun.


The Gavnø Fonden has laid out a large-scale restoration plan that includes both the physical building heritage and its interior.

The restoration of the second floor of the castle has begun and can be experienced up close.

Experience the castle

Historiske stuer på Gavnø Slot

The exhibition

Explore the fairytale Rococo Castle and discover the eight newly restored rooms designed by the Baroness.
Maleri fra samlingen på Gavnø

Paintings Collection

Gavnø Castle houses Northern Europe's largest private painting collection of approx. 1,000 paintings.
Slotskapellet i klosterkirken på Gavnø

The chapel

Visit Gavnø Castle Chapel, which offers beautiful and unique craftsmanship. The chapel is the most colorful church room in the Nordic countries.
Rundvisning og havevandring på Gavnø

Guided Tours

A guided tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the noble characters and the interesting stories behind.


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