Gavnø Chapel

Gavnø Chapel was indeed build in the name of faith in 1402 and is identical with the convent church from the 14th century, which Queen Margrete the 1. let build one of only two convents in Denmark for the Dominican nuns.

Slotskapellet på Gavnø Slot

Unique carving work

It was Helle Rosenkrantz-Gyldenstjer, who in 1670 led all these colors into the old monastery church. She was married to a man of the Trolle family, Admiral Niels Trolle, and she loved this church. She wanted to beautify the church and therefore ordered the altar and pulpit with the sumptuous color scheme of the famous Næstved master Abel Schrøder, the Younger (1602-1676), who, as a skilled craftsman, ran his carving workshop. On both the altar and the pulpit, the Trolle family’s coat of arms, the headless troll, reveals, for posterity, that they are ordered for this genus.

In a peculiar way, we also find on the side wall and on the cornice over the corbue furniture that dates back to Sct. Agnete Monastery. It is the old Catholic corfu crucifix and the ancient Catholic figures from the 14th century carved in wood. These have probably also been in the church during the monastery period.

On the outer walls of the church are Admiral Niels Trolle and wife’s wife Helle Rosenkrantz ‘initials performed in iron anchors – H N T and F H R.


Another unusual thing we find is the bridal bench, located below the pulpit. It is from the year 1576.

Beautifully decorated in Renaissance style with acanthus foliage on both front and back. It carries Latin and German inscriptions with exhortations to the young couple who must be devoted to the bench.

At Gavnø, as the only church in Denmark, we still have a bridal bench. It is therefore also literally unique.

Experience the castle

Historiske stuer på Gavnø Slot

The exhibition

Explore the fairytale Rococo Castle and discover the eight newly restored rooms designed by the Baroness.
Maleri fra samlingen på Gavnø

Paintings Collection

Gavnø Castle houses Northern Europe's largest private painting collection of approx. 1,000 paintings.
Rundvisning og havevandring på Gavnø

Guided Tours

A guided tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the noble characters and the interesting stories behind.


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