The Flower Garden

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Every spring we hold a competition for our guests, who can vote for the tulip, which should be voted the Tulip of the Year. It is always a popular competition and at the same time gives the producers guidance about the guests’ interest and preference of tulips.

The winners receive a Gavnø Season Pass in prize. Ballots will be handed out at the ticket sales.

A selection of flower bulbs and cuttings in small pots produced in the old greenhouses at Gavnø may be purchased in the Castle Shop.

Explore the castle park

Tulipaner i røde farver på Gavnø

Tulip Festival

Experience Denmark's largest Tulip festival on Gavnø. Thousands of beautiful tulips in a multitude of varieties and colors.

Sakura Avenue

40 Sakura trees will form a beautiful avenue located in the northern part of the castle park.
Duftende roser i slotsparken på Gavnø

The Rose Garden

In the Rose Garden you will find fragrant roses in many colors.
Udfordre sanserne i sansehaven på Gavnø

The Sensory Garden

In the Sensory Garden - The 6 senses - all senses come into play. Smell, feel, listen, watch, taste and challenge your imagination.
Det idylliske Skjærsommer midt i slotsparken på Gavnø


The romantic half-timbered house in the middle of the Castle Park was built in the 19th century and named Skjærsommer.
Den historiske Lindeallé i slotsparken på Gavnø

Lime Tree Avenue

The story of the Lime Tree Avenue at Gavnø.