The romantic half-timbered house in the middle of the Castle Park was built in the 19th century and named Skjærsommer, which is written on the roof’s gable in brass letters.

skjærsommer gavnø

Interactive exhibition

In the house a part of the private doll collection of more than 3,000 dolls is exhibited and toys that have belonged to the family Reedtz-Thott for generations.

The exhibition is interactive and gives a story about the house’s history.


The house was built as a playhouse for the little baroness Julie Reedtz-Thott, who lived at Gavnø Castle with her brothers and parents more than 200 years ago.

Explore the castle park


The Flower Garden

Experience the flowers through the season.
Tulipaner i røde farver på Gavnø

Tulip Festival

Experience Denmark's largest Tulip festival on Gavnø. Thousands of beautiful tulips in a multitude of varieties and colors.

Sakura Avenue

40 Sakura trees will form a beautiful avenue located in the northern part of the castle park.
Duftende roser i slotsparken på Gavnø

The Rose Garden

In the Rose Garden you will find fragrant roses in many colors.
Udfordre sanserne i sansehaven på Gavnø

The Sensory Garden

In the Sensory Garden - The 6 senses - all senses come into play. Smell, feel, listen, watch, taste and challenge your imagination.
Den historiske Lindeallé i slotsparken på Gavnø

Lime Tree Avenue

The story of the Lime Tree Avenue at Gavnø.